SAFC 1972-1973 Football League Division 2 Season Review

Played Won Drawn Lost For Against Finished
42 17 12 13 59 49 6th

By Season End

Sunderland AFC finished 6th at the end of the 1972-1973 season scoring 59 goals, conceding 49 with a goal difference of 10.

The Goals

Billy Hughes contributed the most goals in the 1972-1973 Football League Division 2 season, netting 15 (0.36 goals per game). With a goalscoring average of 0.71 goals per game the Rokerites netted a total of 35 goals at Roker Park conceding 17 (18), away from home scoring 24 and conceding 32 (-8) with an away goalscoring average of 1.75 and an overall goalscoring average of 0.71 goals per game.

The Wins

The season finished in 1973 with 17 wins, a win ratio of 40.48%, the Sunderland AFC faithful at Roker Park enjoyed 12 wins and the travelling support saw 5 games won.

The Draws

Of the 42 games played the Rokerites managed 12 draws by the end of the 1972-1973 season, 6 draws at Roker Park and 6 away from home.

The Losses

In total SAFC lost 13 games, 3 games lost at Roker Park (17 goals conceded) and 10 games lost away (32 goals conceded).

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